50 Modern and Elegant Metal Buildings Design Ideas to Inspire You

People say that sometimes, the best building isn't made from the brick. And this list of 50 modern and elegant metal building design ideas is here to give you the solid proof. Even with the proper design, a metal building can look beautiful and instagram-worthy! That's why, don't be afraid to build a metal building!

30+ Desert Landscaping Plant Ideas to Perfect Your Garden

In order to achieve a great garden landscape that we're dreaming of, the key is to work with your environment. That is why, before choosing a theme, knowing your own garden is a must. Check out the soil, temperature and of course, the water availability. If you already know it, the next step will be much easier to you!

45 Perfect Privacy Fence Decor Ideas to Perfect Your Home

There is one thing of their house that most people forget to decor which is the humble fence. Even tough you can be categorized as a decor lover person, you give your privacy fence a boring color paint or left it untouched. Furthermore, your fence can also add color to the yard or garden if you dress well it. You must be wondering how to decorate your privacy fence, right?

44 Smart And Unusual Book Storage Ideas For Your Library

Lots of people love to read, even in this digital age. Reading is an relaxing activity that allows them to get rid of the stress. Therefore, you surely need a proper and organized book storage for you collection. That's because you want to spend your time reading than organizing you book collection, right?

44 Cheap DIY Fence Ideas To Improve Your Privacy

One of do-it-yourself project that's relatively easy and will add value to your house is fences. Build your own fence can boost appearance of your yard too. We all know that building your own fence can be considered as an easy project, you will end up with a costly fence project most of the time. We all know what you're looking for from a fence project.

8 Impressive Hanging Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom Decoration

We often feel decorating a bedroom is such a never ending work. This mostly happens because we decor it so that we'll like having our own paradise. Throw some paint to bedroom wall is not enough, that's why we opt to bedroom lighting to brighten our bedroom. Check our ideas of hanging bedroom lighting that we've rounded here for you.

25 The Most Perfect Bedroom Design Modern Black Storage Ideas

Modern-day styles mostly are produced from synthetic materials. Many styles incorporate those materials, from drawers to floating shelves storage or even open shelves. If you have spacious bedroom, it will feels okay if you have some stuff cluttering around, but most of us are not, right? Here you can find several ideas for modern black storage ideas that surely perfect for your bedroom.

25 Amazing Bedroom Design With Sliding Doors ideas

Do you want too add or just need something that look stylish and also feels modern at the same time for your precious bedroom? One thing you can consider is a sliding door which surely will level up your bedroom to the next level. Besides provide a stylish looks, a sliding door also can be considered as space-saver which makes it perfect for small homes. Check out our list of bedroom design with sliding doors below.

25 Simple Bedroom Design Ideas with Plants for Comfortable Decoration

Most people love nature and we just like can't get enough of it. As one of the most important room in the house, we sometimes also want to add nature touch inside it. There are several plants that's suitable to be put in your bedroom, not just aesthetically but also has advantage to your health. In this article, you can find several bedroom design with plants that surely will inspire you to do the same.