15+ Best Winter Home Decoration Ideas for Your Newly Build House

No one can predict the exact date when you will leave the rental-apartment living. If you rented it to survive the winter, chances are you will move around that time as well. If that’s the case, you should prepare everything for the harsh weather, like rugs, blankets, and extra knitwear. As this is the first time living in a new house, learn the following home decoration ideas.

30 DIY Macrame Chair Decor Ideas to Try ASAP

Sometimes we need to relax in a crazy way just to avoid routine. Macrame chairlift is the best way for that. We can enjoy reading, napping, eating, and so on. Macrame is the hottest home decoration this year. You can see many home, interior, and decoration magazines that feature this chic decoration.

44 Smart And Unusual Book Storage Ideas For Your Library

Lots of people love to read, even in this digital age. Reading is an relaxing activity that allows them to get rid of the stress. Therefore, you surely need a proper and organized book storage for you collection. That's because you want to spend your time reading than organizing you book collection, right?