8 Top Metal Buildings Design Ideas For Your Dream

People start to look again at metal building, because this type of building is returning to the trend! That’s why, this list of 8 top metal buildings design ideas for your dream has come. Not only unique, but the designs is also bringing freshness onto your building. You can be as proud as you can, since people will be impressed when they look at your building!

1. Building with Hexagonal Design

Some of the best way to make your metal building stands out, is by using the unique shapes, such as hexagon! With hexagonal design for your metal building, it will make yours look different. Hexagon is also a flexible shape, so you can make various design based on it. Hexagon also said to be better for environment and durability.

2. Asymmetrical Building at The Corner

Some of the most modern design available at the market, is the asymmetrical design. Not only eye-catching, this kind of design will also make your building look sleek and fancy. You can make it with the most simple design, like diagonal roof. Some says that this kind of design will make your building get the sunlight efficiently.

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3. Cubical Building

The other most possible ultramodern design for metal building, is the cubical one. Not only it will make you can plan the space efficiently, this building is also chic. You can impress the guess with your cubical building. And also, with the cubical building, you can place the window anywhere you want.

4. Building with Large Windows

5. Building with Ultramodern Design

People started to use large windows for their building. The reason is simple, because it’s the typical modern design, as well as one way to reduce the electricity use. So, not only it will make your building look classy, your large glass windows will help you reduce the electricity bill as well. Because, during the daytime, you will get the most sunlight that you need.

6. One Story Building Design

Of course, it is possible to own one story metal building. In fact, most of the tiny metal building is only the one story ones. But, what about the large one? It’s also okay, because depends on what kind of metal you use, the durability is also on par with bricks or stone wall.

7. Vertical Building with Ultra Sleek Vibe

For you who only have limited space, you might choose for the vertical building. It means, even with limited space, you can keep built it up, so you can still have the same amount of space, vertically. The vertical building is even better for you who wants more outdoor space, since with less building space, you can get bigger garden. This design is very suitable for urban area.

8. Modern Three Stories Building

Three stories building is an option, if you need lots of spaces; either for office, living, or else. This three stories building also has sufficient garage space, so you don’t have to worry about your car. The biggest highlight of this design is its large windows. This way, you don’t need much lighting, since the sunlight alone will be suffice.

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