30 Amazing Metal House Design with Natural Wood Accents

Is it hard to get a metal house with a nice design? No, it is not. Actually, metal house is one of the most flexible house ever. Because of its material, you can easily shape it and also easily make it into any thing you want. It’s one of the best material to make a house.

And the most unique things about metal house, is that you can make it into wood look-alike, without using wood at all. You just need the right way to do it. That’s why, we present you this 30 amazing metal house design with natural wood accents, so you can easily make the dream house you want. All without having much thoughts and get confused over your house!

Half-Metal half-Wood House
dark wall with wood accents
wooden platform and red roof
wooden front side with metal sides
using wood for terrace
wooden window frame for house
wooden pillars used in terrace
making wooden window shades
metal house with wooden window frame
the front side of metal house
countryside house with wooden pillars
wooden frame in metal house
using wood for front side of the metal house
wooden frame and window for house
the garage look from the front
classic with wooden stairs
natural color wooden pillars
flat roof with wooden platform

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using wood material for fireplace
metal house with wood for fence and frame
combination of bricks, wood, and metal
wooden stairs as decoration
wooden balcony for a metal house
classic country side metal house
all-brick red metal house
front side of the mix wood-metal house
only using wood for the fence
small wooden window frame
simple accent of wood for the front door
one story wooden and metal building

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