8 Impressive Hanging Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom Decoration

We often feel decorating a bedroom is such a never ending work. This mostly happens because we decor it so that we’ll like having our own paradise. Throw some paint to bedroom wall is not enough, that’s why we opt to bedroom lighting to brighten our bedroom. Check our ideas of hanging bedroom lighting that we’ve rounded here for you.

1. Peaked Ceiling Lighting

Are you having a bedroom with high ceiling? If you do, you still can have a proper lighting for your bedroom. Like picture above, peaked high ceiling lighting with quirky angle will be a good decor, even though it will also have its own challenge. Source

2. Hanging Chandelier and Pendant

Even though you already have natural light source for your bedroom, doesn’t mean you can’t have more lighting. Just like picture above, you can see three chandeliers are still a good addition in a natural lighted bedroom. Hang two of the chandeliers on top of your bedside table for more exposure. Source

3. Hanging Globe Light

Are you always put attention to little details, including to your bedroom design? A combination of delicate wallpaper, wooden furniture, and an ultra-chic globe light surely will a major impact. As you can see from picture above, those items give rustic contemporary vibe to the bedroom. Source

4. Floral-Inspired Chandelier

If you have a nature-inspired bedroom, you can add more nature with lighting to your bedroom. As you can see from picture above, a floral-inspired chandelier is such a good addition to wood-filled bedroom. The chandelier steals the show and also inviting. Source

5. Art-Deco Lighting

A unique bedroom not only can be seen or judged from its design or decoration, right? When you have an art deco bedroom, there’s art deco lighting available that’ll complete it. Art deco chandelier and hanging reading light as you can see from picture above. Source

6. Hanging Sculptural Pendant

You already have a bedroom that shows your personal character. In fact, you can add human touch to your bedroom, so your room not only have factory touch. One example on how to do it is by using sculptural chandelier like picture above. Source

7. Hanging Bubble Chandelier

A bubble chandelier will be a good addition to your elegant and majestic bedroom. As you can see from picture above, dark colored bedding combine with bright colored floor and cabinet. Bubble chandelier and furry lamps are such adding more rich color combination of the bedroom. Source

8. Clear Crystal Chandelier

Don’t forget to give attention to your bedroom in your attic. With exposed wood ceiling, a clear pendant light will illuminate the whole room. From picture above, you can see the hanging lighting with two drum side lamps. Source

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